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Hannah Santistevan grew up in Colorado and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance from Columbia College Chicago. Her work is multidisciplinary with an emphasis in dance performance. Santistevan has collaborated with artists who specialize in music, film, and visual art/animation projections for numerous projects, including her most recent solo work, “Elevator to Stairs” and her ensemble work, “Buried Bones” and “P_PER TR_IL”.

Santistevan’s choreographic and performative values are inspired by self-discovery through the lens of psychoanalytics and through that, creates work that challenges (and often aligns with) events common to the human experience and emotional processing. She values vulnerability and dynamic energy as a person and artist. Santistevan crafts work that empathizes with a diverse audience by enforcing an intensely investigative creative process with her collaborators. Her technical dance training includes: Ballet, Modern/Contemporary,  Contact Improvisation, Improvisation as Performance, West African, Tap, and Jazz.

Santistevan recently premiered an evening length solo, “Elevator to Stairs”, which was performed at Links Hall Chicago. Her general performance experience includes participation in works choreographed by: Carrie Hanson, Onye Ozuzu, Erika Randall, Victor Alexander, Kristina Isabelle, Margi Cole, Kyle Seguin, and more. Immediately following her graduation from Columbia College Chicago, Santistevan was invited to dance with The Seldoms – a contemporary dance theater company in Chicago. She performed and toured with The Seldoms for two consecutive years. Santistevan has participated in an ongoing work entitled, Black Saint and the Sinner Lady/Touch My Beloved’s Thought, conceived by Onye Ozuzu. This work has been performed at the Jay Pritzker Pavillion in Chicago and several times at Links Hall. Santistevan continues to participate in freelance performances and projects in her two home-base cities, Chicago and Denver.

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Photo by Ascaf

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